Friday, 7 September 2018

Room 5 Class Award

#Four ways to reduce plastic consumption.

This term Room 5 have been focusing on the plastic issues we all face, but moreso trying to brainstorm and think of effective ways of reducing our plastic consumption. One solution we came up with was by making our own cleaning products and therefore preventing our whanau from purchasing the plastic bottles in which they come in from supermarket shelves. We can reuse plastic containers or jars that we readily have in our homes.  Below you will see room 5 students make multipurpose spray, window cleaner, toilet scrub and shower cleaning scrub.

They were fun experiments that the children enjoyed taking part in. The children discovered that it's definitely harder to record live. You need to think about your delivery and know what you want to say. We'd like to thank Leigh Ngawati for coming into our classroom and sharing her knowledge and experience regarding Doterra essential oils. We really appreciated your support and help.

Below you will see the work of the students they chose to deliver to the school.  You will see how they made their cleaning products, the reading of one group who focused on using expression by changing the accents of their characters in a radio play and a quick video of some students goal to become confident and fierce when they pukana for kapa haka.