Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Elf Yourself

Whaea Tania came to visit Room 3 today for the last time this year. The students have been having loads of fun experimenting with elf yourself. A great theme that aligns with our end of year preparation for prizegiving. We can't wait to share our performance with you all, so watch this space.



Friday, 2 November 2018

I am inspired from the success of others.

This week we have been aiming to develop and enhance the culture of our classroom.  We're empowered to change our mindsets.  Many have been inspired to learn from the success from others.  Some have discovered that making and correcting mistakes are proof that they are growing - particularly since their assessment results have started coming through for them to reflect upon.

Although one student in my class didn't quite reach their writing goal, they quickly discovered that their progress as a whole from the score they received at the beginning of the year to now is something that he should definitely be proud of.  Next year is a new year, where I can guarantee he will smash his writing goals.

The students in Room 3 have  also been developing their te reo knowledge and pronounciation.  We decided to create class posters with links to their mahi as a way of showcasing their work in one place.  Below you will find links to their work around translating English sentences into Te Reo.
Some students struggled, some students excelled, some students were ecstatic to complete the task and discover that they can learn anything they want to.

The great thing about the learning culture in this room is that they are inspired from the success of others.  They see it as a benchmark to aim for and in most cases surpass.

Super Proud Teacher - Nga Mihi
Na Whaea Gaylene