Thursday, 22 February 2018

Swimming in our new pool

The tamariki were bouncing with excitement.  They couldn't wait to dip their toes into the pool.  It has been a long time coming with lots of fundraising and support from whanau to ensure that learning to swim became a reality for the students here.

We spent Monday having fun, learning how to be safe in and around the pool area, and making sure that students understand that they are responsible for bringing a towel, swimming togs, cap and goggles daily.
As the week has progressed the students have been discovering their capabilities, learning how to breathe, kick, how to use their arms to slice through the water efficiently.  Their goal is to beat their time of swimming one full length of the pool for freestyle.  It has been very interesting with a few talented swimmers demonstrating their skills and confidence in the water.

I've discovered that good listeners progress, whilst those who don't...won't.

The students will have reflections to share with you all shortly.
Nga mihi.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Our First Assembly for 2018

It has been an exciting two weeks.  We've been focusing on our classroom learning culture - what that looks like, what will help us be successful in our learning, possible barriers and how we can overcome them.

Room 5 were tasked with establishing a classroom treaty.  They discussed key values that they felt were important to demonstrate not just within the class, but the school also.  They each voted on their top ten picks (thank you google forms) and a select few students put their hand up to work with Matua Matt in making a video that demonstrated these key values.  I hope you enjoy.

Tenei te mihi rātou ko Tyrone, ko Sally, ko Victor-Jack, ko Yvette, ko Marta, ko kohl-lee, ko Matua Matt mo ō rātou mahi he kiriata poto hei whakaatu i tātou ākomanga me kura waka hoe. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou.

Thank you Tyrone, Sally, V.J, Yvette, Marta, Kohl-lee and Matua Matt for your short video work in promoting our class and school values.

We hope you enjoy.