Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Same, Same and different of sustainable actions

Here is a DLO my students created to communicate to what our school did in 2008 and what our school does now to manage waste. Well done to the team of girls who put this together by themselves, Tehanah, Rangimarie and Yvette

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Class Inquiry into what we do with our waste.

Over the last few weeks Room 5 have been learning to work together.

They are learning 'Collaborative Norm's (rules such as no put downs, one speaker at a time, everyone contribute)

They are also learning how important it is to make sure you understand learning tasks. Sometimes learning tasks can have words you do not understand that you need to 'un pack' first.

All groups compared and contrasted what Tautoro School did in 2008 and what we do now to manage out waste. Groups used venn diagrams to communicate their ideas.