Thursday, 22 September 2016

China Inquiry

Today Room 5 presented their inquiry findings. It was awesome. We learnt a little about a lot such as, Chinese cuisine, the Great Wall of China, Mandarin, the Ghost Festival, New Year Festivals, growing rice, Chinese arts, Chinese medicine and the  wildlife in China.

Many students were learning to develop confidence presenting their inquiry findings.
Some students were learning to present their inquiry with confidence, using a variety of resources.

I chose to do this because too often students are cutting and pasting information from the internet that they do not understand or is not relevant to their learning.  By presenting live and getting instant feedback from friends and the teacher I expect inquiry process and presentation for next term to improve.

Things we focused on were:
  • What is your focus question
  • What did you find out
  • Is your work in your own words
  • Did you state your sources (where you got the information from)

What we will do differently next time
We will learn to find material on sites that is within our reading age
Using tools to help us build understanding such as online dictionaries, thesaurus and youtube.
Using a buddy system to support each other to present information in our own words and in a variety of ways.

Next term, our inquiry topic is science based. We will be investigating the life cycle of living thing that we are passionate about. We will also do  a whole class inquiry on the life cycle of the peru peru.