Friday, 26 August 2016

Learning Te Reo Maori is fun!

Today we had fun using greenscreen app to enhance our Te Reo Maori learning.
To do this successfully we needed to:

Know the Te Reo Maori words for you, he/she and I
Use e (action/verb) ana sentence structure
Use verbs we have learnt in class or resources to find the kupu Maori for verbs we want to use

Extension tasks: changing the tense of the sentence(past, present or future) and adding location (in, out, on, under)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tumeke Tautoro!

Anei nga tamariki who represented Tautoro School, Room 5 at Ohaewai Cross-country today. They all gave it their best and I am very proud of them. It is terrific to see students challenging themselves and not giving up when things become difficult. Developing tumaia at a young age will help with challenges both today and in the future. Bring on Dargaville!

Persuasive writing is a writing form that is very useful as it can applied to many different contexts. Tristan has worked hard to develop his ideas for this piece of work. Well done Tristan.

Let’s Make Tautoro Exciting!

 By Tristan

Do you know what it’s like when your bored? I think that we should have more things to play with at Tautoro School so that everyone doesn’t get bored, plus everyone will get something to play with. For example I see people walking around doing nothing but if they had like a ball or a skipping rope or maybe a bike or something, something that will make the kids happy then it will be exciting.

 One way we should make this school more exciting is by putting a bike track around the perimeter of the school. I think we should put lumps down with the track so that they can bring their bikes here to ride and have fun. It will be remarkable to see everyone running around and riding their bikes around the perimeter. We can bring bikes so everyone stays happy and healthy. Isn’t this what everyone wants?

 Another way we can make this school exciting is having free time.What I think should happen is after we have finished our work then we can have free time. So we are not doing work all day long, at least for one hour we could have a little break off. Who thinks that’s fair? Yes or no. Because usually students get bored of doing work all day and they want a break. It is really important for the students to make sure that they are playing and learning should be fun for all of the kids.

 Wouldn’t it be tremendous if we had more options at school. That is why we need to learn more subjects so we won’t get bored. I think that is a good thing because if someone is doing the same thing all over again then that is boring, do you think that if you did the same thing all the time that life  will get boring? For example, we could do science, Art, Drama they are some exciting things that we can do.

 In summary, I think we should have more things to play with at Tautoro School. I think this because lots of people get bored of doing nothing that’s why if the teachers make the kids do different things then know one will get bored because they are doing something different and exciting.