Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kia ora koutou, who are the awesome learners in Room 5 this week?

Everyone in Room 5 is learning to manage their time well and get through set learning tasks in writing, reading, maths and Te Reo Maori.

For the children who are focused and complete their tasks in time, they get to further develop their blogging and videoing skills each Friday during the mid block. This week some children will be learning more about Youtube Editor and the different types of shots they can use when creating a film.
 So far the tamariki who have finished tasks in Te Reo Maori are Shilaine, Kohuru and Anthony.  The rest of the class has a few small things to do before they post their learning onto their blogs.

In reading Hanita and Shilaine have stood out this week as students who are focused on learning strategies to work out word meaning. Hanita and Gabrielle T are the most successful students in their group in reading comprehension this week.

As for writing, the class has focused on learning to identify the purpose and  structure of persuasive writing. Anthony, Gerry, Gabrielle T and Letisha have stood out as being super successful in this learning area. Next week students are learning about emotive language. I look forward to seeing students persuasive writing posted on their blogs next Friday. They have planned their opinion, main reasons and supporting details in small groups. The topics they have chosen to write about are: Making a new rule that motorbikes and quads are allowed at school, only having maths taught all day long, Tautoro School being a bring your own device school, and bringing back Mrs. Paraha's Honeys and Treasures Club.  I wonder if they will be able to change your mind.

In Physical Education the students who I see continually pushing and challenging themselves to do their best every cross country training are: Arama, Hohepa, Gerry, Letisha, Harmony, Alice, and Piringi.