Monday, 30 June 2014

Thank you parents

To the parents who came to parent-teacher meetings tonight, ka mihi nui ki a koutou. It was awesome to talk about your child's progress and to let you know what they will be learning next term. Your support and involvement means a lot to your tamaiti. Any parents who have not yet met with me and would like to you are more than welcome to ring the school or email a time that will suit you.

Monday, 16 June 2014

We are learning to find evidence of the success criteria in our writing.


The Forbidden Cave
By Konrad Kopa
A Long long time ago there lived a family in a scary forest (in a 2 storey house. The  kids room was in the second story) The son was named Matariki he was 12. There was sister named Ururangi she was 13, a dad named Tupuna he was 32, and a mum named Talya she was 31. They lived next to a cave that  they aren’t  allowed in.  One cold night the mother needed to have a baby so dad and mum went to the hospital.

Later that night Ururangi got called into the cave the cave “Ururangi Ururangi” the cave called. She  floated up from her bed and went down stairs. Her brother Matariki heard something. He looked out the window and he saw his sister getting called in to the forbidden cave. He whistled out to his house and jumped straight out of the window and landed on his hoiho.He ran as fast as the hoiho could go and went into the cave.

Once he was in the cave  he saw a gigantic batack  it looked like a scaly fish with big muscles and wings(snake and bat put together). He jumped off his hoiho and smack, boom, crack and whack” . By the time Matariki was finished the monster looked like a raggedy snack with flies around him.  The brother and sister lived happily ever after.They didn’t tell there mum cause they would get a big growling.