Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Financial Literacy

Today we had Matua Jeremy from ASB Bank talk to us about money. We learnt that as kids you can start saving your money now. Money in a savings account grows over time, so if you start young your money has more time to grow!  If you have money in savings then you get interest (free money) from the bank.


  1. Kiora room 5 I'm Shikane from Kawakawa primary school I like how you
    learnt about financial literacy we also have had a visit from Matua Jeremy he spoke with us about money it was very fun.HAPPY BLOGING!!!

  2. Kia ora I am Boston from Gilberthorpe School christchurch.
    I really love your pictures because it shows that you look like you guys love the work your doing.
    That reminds me of when i was little my class were listening to a samoan man and we all were listening that as soon as our teacher came in she said were's the class gone that looks a lot like you guys!