Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Stop Motion Animation

We had Tania visiting today to help us prepare for our movie making presentation based on Matariki later this year.  We were familiar with the process, however we've come to realise that instead of jumping in and racing to get things done.... we need to slow down and think about what we're trying to say. 

What is our purpose for doing this?  
Who is our target audience? 
What is our message?  
What is the best way of portraying that message?

So, thankfully we got to experiment with play dough.  Tania hand made clear back drops for pairs to use in order to eliminate the class room furniture.  We focused on making small movements for each shot (as it's estimated that feature films require roughly 30 shots per second).  We also focused on ensuring the pairs worked as a team, communicating 'clear' when all hair, hands and shirts were out of the picture.  The students enjoyed it, and grew as future movie makers.  We found play dough easier to manipulate as opposed to plasticine.


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  1. Kia ora Room 5,
    I REALLY enjoyed watching you all get creative with your animations yesterday and look forward to seeing your Matariki animations. I look forward to checking out your blogs and seeing your animations posted so I can share them with other teachers and learners - I know they will be inspired by you. Keep up the great work learning, creating and sharing.