Thursday, 24 August 2017

We Will Rock You!

Last week in Room 5 the students were learning about rounding:what it is, when it is useful and how to do it. Here is the song they sang to help them remember how to round to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, whole number or tenth.


  1. Kia ora Room 5,
    I LOVE that you have used the power of song and dance to share your learning in such a creative way. I think this will be a really good post to share with other learners to show them how you can get creative with math to share your learning. The 'We will round you' tune will definitely stay in my mind. Do you find yourself singing it as you are thinking in math OR maybe even just when it's not even math time? Keep up the great learning.

  2. I agree with the description on your blog- you are indeed an awesome class. What a great idea. You have created something awesome to support your learning. Thanks for sharing it here.
    Mrs Burt

  3. Kia ora Room 5,

    WOW! What can I say? I love seeing students choosing creative ways to express mathematical concepts and this one ticks all the boxes. How much practice did you do? Did you write the lyrics as a class or did someone write them individually? This is a great short clip that not only you guys can learn from, but also something that will feed other people's learning. I can't wait to share the link far and wide.

    Thanks for sharing this on your class blog.

    Manaiakalani Outreach

    1. Hi thank you for your kind comments James and Ms Burt. We found this song on youtube. We planed to use greenscreen and show the numbers being rounded behind us, but our class was too large. It did not take long to learn as we sang the song as part of our number knowledge warm up during Numeracy time.

  4. Kia ora koutou Room 5,
    A really innovative way to use a video in maths and the greenscreen is great too. I like that the videos are very short - it makes them accessible for anyone. Do you think you could add some sound to the second video? Maybe someone reading the words?

  5. Tēnā tātou e ngā tauira ma. You guys continue to impress with your creativity, how I miss visiting your school. I'm going to share your mahi with students in my school and share your awesome use of music and song for learning in maths. I love that song too btw!

  6. hi my name is SanAnDreas i go to kaikohe west school i am in room5 it is coool and i do
    play tag and i play i like your video and i do play y8

  7. hi my name is charles i go to kaikohe west school and i am in room 5. and i now neko and
    mason i like your video
    dy Charles

  8. Hi Room 5 my name is Moko and I am in Room 5 at Kaikohe West School.I remember when I we will rock you in kinder garden just like you did.I liked the way you stomped and clap to make the music.I think you could make it better by making sure you can see everyone in the movie

  9. Kia ora,
    It is Catherine from Kaikohe West School I really like your cool brilliant video we will rock you .How long did your dance take? It is a little bit funny to me and I have already heard we will rock song.It is cool the way it is.