Friday, 9 June 2017

Electronic waste, how do we responsibly dispose of it?


  1. Hi There, this is Isabella From Papakura Central School. Electronic waste sounds cool so true. I like the Video!. And the fronts Look Very NICE Too. I Like your Information too.

    By: Isabella:)

  2. Hi Room Five, I'm Joyce from Te Waka Ako at Waikowhai Primary School.
    I really enjoyed watching the video that you guys made. It had lots of interesting facts then I never knew. Maybe next time you could think about how long does each bit of information need. I would really appreciate of you came and check out my blog

    Kind Regards,

  3. Hi my name is Ewan from Saint Pius x school and I liked the facts and that you are telling us the information about how the electronics become obsolete and turn into

  4. Kia ora
    My name is Terei. I'm from Ohaeawai school and I liked the facts and that you are telling. I hope we could all be friends bye.