Thursday, 16 March 2017

Promos are everywhere, do you think about their purpose?

Yesterday I gave three students the task of promoting rippa rugby and its benefits.
They have learned from previous task to first 'unpack' the task. They need to make sure they understand what they are trying to achieve.

Tehana and Rangimarie identified the keywords promote and benefits and went about learning what they meant. Only when they understood the task did they co-create a success criteria. They decided what they could do to successfully complete this task. After feedforward, this was what they decided to would make their task successful

Make our presentation feels exciting for viewers by using music and fast paced images and videos
Choose words and phrases that will encourage our viewers
Communicate in words and pictures the pros of sports
Include the viewer by using the word 'you'
The tool they chose to use was Imovie trailer. Do you think they were successful? What could they improve on?

Another group, Charlee, Zephaniah and Kohl-lee were set the task of creating a movie that  informs  viewers about the tournament thay went on this week.
Again, this group is successful.
Why? They made sure they knew what inform meant. The created a plan and a success criteria. After that, they got feedback. THEN and only then, they put their plan into action. In this group everyone followed the Collaborative Norms. They all listened to each other. They all had a part to play.
I only saw this as finished product today. 


  1. This clip was AMAZING!!!
    What brilliant talent the students at Tautoro school have,both on the sports field and in the classrooms.
    Ae Marika!
    Na Mere Croft.

  2. Hi room 5,
    That was a cool presentation of your time at rippa rubgy. Looks like you done well and keep up the good work.

  3. hi room 5 i am ocean from kawakawa primary school room 6 this was really cool you told me what you have to do and what i can make like(friends,runways and all the other stuff i can make or can do like get fit this is a really cool clip on your rippa rugby i hope you post new stuff on your blog here is my class blog and my blog ( blog( this is are really cool clip hope you do some more

  4. Kia-ora room 5 my name is Quin from kawakawa primary school rm 3 I really liked the movie yous made when was it. Check out my blog at

  5. Hey Guys,
    I love your presentation about sports even that other video you guys are so lucky to have a cool teacher. Keep it up ... Iverson

  6. Hi Room 5 My name is Izzy and I am from Waikowhai Primary School.
    I love these 2 videos promoting Rippa Rugby. Maybe next time you could try to talk a little bit louder so that people can hear you better. Are you going to make more of these videos promoting something else? If you are I would love to see them!
    Please check out my blog at:
    Blog you later!

  7. Hi Room 5 my name is reed i like you vido.

  8. Hi there, my name is reegan and I am a student in room waitemata at waikowhai primary School. I really like that you went to rippa rugby made me think of when we went to rippa rugby If you would like to see my learning, my blog is http://