Monday, 11 April 2016

Well done Aubrey for creating your first ever Kizoa movie! Leave a comment on his blog

Here are the winners of the Teachers' Awards and the Principal's Award

Principle award Ricci for creativity and motivating others
Teacher's award Tuishaly for great progress in Literacy and awesome homework support
Teachers award Iverson for excellence in homework project - create a solar oven that shows an understanding of greeehouse effect, absorbtion, reflection and insulation

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Similes and Metaphors - Which is Which?

Today's writing lesson was around learning the difference between similes and metaphors and using them to improve our  recounts. Here are some of the best.

 For your comment can you either name the person who you think did a great job as a writer or write the numbers of all the metaphor examples.

1. We were still looking. We didn’t give up. We were like Richie McCaw during a rugby tournament - Sweyde

2. We bumped into each other. We were elephants in a stampede - Rangimarie.

3. We could see all of the fish and turtles, they were as colorful as a rainbow. - Kaya

4. Whamo! I slipped over and slammed my head onto the ground. It was like atoms colliding together in nuclear fusion. My head exploded in pain! - Tim

5. I got up and walked quietly down the hall. I was a mouse, trying not to wake anyone up - Iverson.

6. I eat like a beast - Aryan

7. My eyes started to close, I was trying to keep them opened but I couldn’t. I was like a bat sleeping in it’s cave - Tristan

8. My dad said, “boy we're going to town and you are coming too, I shouted to dad, “Dad I don’t want to come to town, but I still had to go to town. I was a prisoner - Ricci

9. “Ok I’ll stay up as long as I can”  I said. My eyes were owl eyes - Heaven

Friday, 1 April 2016

Check Out Aubrey's Science Post!

I am so proud of AJ's first attempt at making a movie using Kizoa. Go to his blog and leave a comment about his work.