Friday, 21 March 2014

The Lice Life Cycle Play

Vocaroo Voice Message


  1. Hi Room 5

    You have some good facts about head lice. Where did you get your facts from? When you are recording a play you need to add more expression in your voice it sounded like you were all reading from a piece of paper. Relax and have some fun when you are recording.

  2. Dawnette Neho

    Kia ora koutou Room 5,

    That was a great play about the Life Cycle of Lice. It's difficult to read aloud especially when you know you're being recorded. I think you all did very well. I agree with Rosina to relax and have fun and my only suggestion is that when you are speaking into a microphone, try not to stand too close to it as it sometimes muffles your voices. Keep up the good work Room 5.