Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Chromebooks. Have they changed how we learn to write?

These girls communicated well during an impromptu interview for the Learning and Change Network. I am proud of you both.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Girl Power!!

Here is the girl's first rap. They will be working on making their rap clearer and with more attitude, so check out their individual blogs next week to see the improvement.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Google Engine Maps - Today Rm 5 started teaching other students how to create their own custom made map.

We still need to teach how to create layers on the map to show distance and time between our activities. We also want to insert videos and embed our maps onto our blog. This is a great tool for planning our EOTC trip.

Monday, 3 November 2014

What's hot in Room 5?

Check out Anthony's blog. He has posted the recent class movie.
To see what we are doing in Art go to Gabrielle's blog.

Our delicious garden is on display in Shilaine's blog.

Look who was in the Northern Advocate last Friday! Go Peri!  I am so proud of all of the Room 5 students who represented us in the Northern Champions Primary School Festival last Thursday. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Recount Writing - WALT come up with language that enhances the mood/ideas of our writing.

In Room 5 has been focusing on building up their descriptive and figurative language around certain moods. Here are some of the best sentences


Best Sentence
growing confidence
My nervousness began to shrink. It was as if I was getting a new skin. I shrugged away my shyness.
getting ready to preform

We were standing in line like soldiers, waiting for power to come on us.

"Hopi, Kiraro!" Mana called like a chief above us. We were all in position, following his commands like trained warriors.

We waited for the curtains to open again... 3, 2, 1 The curtains began to open! Right there in front of us was a massive, cheering crowd. It was like we were presenting on X Factor.
I wanted to sink into my own world and disappear
There I stood, as timid as a mouse.
Proud of myself
“Hopi! Kiraro! Hopi!” I could see tiny little tears coming out the side of my whanaus eyes

I was so nervous, eels twisting and turning inside my stomach
Walking onto the stage it felt like my tummy was a tuna net that eels were trying to slip out of. I was feeling nervous.


The excitement grew inside me like a dog knowing it is about to get a feed.

All eyes were on me, if I made a mistake it would haunt me

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Writing Warriors! These children have made good progress in writing this term

Gerry, Arama, Harmony,Anthony, Hanita, Shacay

Last week Room 5 sat an AsTTle persuasive writing assessment. I am particularly proud of Anthony's and Gerry's piece.

Make Smoking Illegal
By Anthony Year 5

I think smokes should be illegal in N.Z. Plus, you should never touch a damn smoke anyway!

One reason why smokes should be illegal in N.Z is because they are addictive, the addictive part of a smoke is the nicotine. Do you smoke in the car with your kids? Well there’s  a thing called second-hand smoke too. It’s when your breathing it in instead of smoking it. As a matter of fact, millions of kids die every day from exposure to second-hand smoke. Unbelievable!

Another reason why smokes should be illegal in N.Z because it disgusting stuff in it that cause the body harm. The thing that grossed me out was the dead body preserver, I think that grossed you out too. Another disgusting thing is the core ingredient of nail polish remover, gross aye?

My last reason why smokes should be illegal in N.Z is because they cost heaps. If you are a smoker that smokes a packet a day, you are spending over $7,000 a year!! You could be rich as and have a cool as house! What would you do if you were in primary school and you were offered a smoke? Would you say “yeh bro giz us a puff” and ruin your life and be homeless or say “nah bro allgoods” and be the prettiest in the world. In fact, millions of kids each day have their first smoke, isn’t that flabbergasting!

In summary I think cigarettes should not be sold in N.Z because they are addictive, they have gross stuff in it that cause the body harm and they cost heaps. So are you with me, no smokes?

Bigger Bus A Must
By Gerry

I think that Tautoro School should get a bigger town bus.The bus we travel on at the moment is unsafe and it is a nightmare for Tautoro School.

One reason why I think Tautoro School should have a bigger town bus is because the bus we have is way too small for all Tautoro School that catch the bus to town.Don’t you think this is outrageous?People have to get squished in their chairs we have to sit three in one chair. I think that is devastating.Do you think that is dreadful and unfair?I think that Mrs Paraha gets disappointed when she catches the bus with us.Being the eye of the bus isn’t really easy.In other words Mrs Paraha always catches the bus because of some peoples behaviour.When theres a teacher on the bus the teacher has to stand up and they want to sit down, but they can’t because the bus is to small. Don't you think that is a little bit hash?

Another reason why I think Tautoro School should get a bigger bus is because it is dangerous,for example people who dont have a seat has to stand and when  we go around corners those who are standing will fall.Is this what you want?How would you feel if that were you?I would feel heartbroken!If we had a bigger bus then that will be one of Tautoro Schools best dream they could ever have.Do you think Tautoro School has ever had a nightmare like this before? If you do, you are wrong.

In summary why I think Tautoro School should have a bigger town bus is because the bus that we are using is way too small and it is very dangerous.Come on Whaea Desirae can you please get us a bigger bus.This isn’t fair. Isn't this what Tautoro School is about - caring?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kia ora koutou, who are the awesome learners in Room 5 this week?

Everyone in Room 5 is learning to manage their time well and get through set learning tasks in writing, reading, maths and Te Reo Maori.

For the children who are focused and complete their tasks in time, they get to further develop their blogging and videoing skills each Friday during the mid block. This week some children will be learning more about Youtube Editor and the different types of shots they can use when creating a film.
 So far the tamariki who have finished tasks in Te Reo Maori are Shilaine, Kohuru and Anthony.  The rest of the class has a few small things to do before they post their learning onto their blogs.

In reading Hanita and Shilaine have stood out this week as students who are focused on learning strategies to work out word meaning. Hanita and Gabrielle T are the most successful students in their group in reading comprehension this week.

As for writing, the class has focused on learning to identify the purpose and  structure of persuasive writing. Anthony, Gerry, Gabrielle T and Letisha have stood out as being super successful in this learning area. Next week students are learning about emotive language. I look forward to seeing students persuasive writing posted on their blogs next Friday. They have planned their opinion, main reasons and supporting details in small groups. The topics they have chosen to write about are: Making a new rule that motorbikes and quads are allowed at school, only having maths taught all day long, Tautoro School being a bring your own device school, and bringing back Mrs. Paraha's Honeys and Treasures Club.  I wonder if they will be able to change your mind.

In Physical Education the students who I see continually pushing and challenging themselves to do their best every cross country training are: Arama, Hohepa, Gerry, Letisha, Harmony, Alice, and Piringi. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Thank you parents

To the parents who came to parent-teacher meetings tonight, ka mihi nui ki a koutou. It was awesome to talk about your child's progress and to let you know what they will be learning next term. Your support and involvement means a lot to your tamaiti. Any parents who have not yet met with me and would like to you are more than welcome to ring the school or email a time that will suit you.

Monday, 16 June 2014

We are learning to find evidence of the success criteria in our writing.


The Forbidden Cave
By Konrad Kopa
A Long long time ago there lived a family in a scary forest (in a 2 storey house. The  kids room was in the second story) The son was named Matariki he was 12. There was sister named Ururangi she was 13, a dad named Tupuna he was 32, and a mum named Talya she was 31. They lived next to a cave that  they aren’t  allowed in.  One cold night the mother needed to have a baby so dad and mum went to the hospital.

Later that night Ururangi got called into the cave the cave “Ururangi Ururangi” the cave called. She  floated up from her bed and went down stairs. Her brother Matariki heard something. He looked out the window and he saw his sister getting called in to the forbidden cave. He whistled out to his house and jumped straight out of the window and landed on his hoiho.He ran as fast as the hoiho could go and went into the cave.

Once he was in the cave  he saw a gigantic batack  it looked like a scaly fish with big muscles and wings(snake and bat put together). He jumped off his hoiho and smack, boom, crack and whack” . By the time Matariki was finished the monster looked like a raggedy snack with flies around him.  The brother and sister lived happily ever after.They didn’t tell there mum cause they would get a big growling.

Friday, 30 May 2014

This is the narrative Harmony, Anthony and Gerry have worked on this term. It has been entered into the Young Authors Challenge

Taniwha To The Rescue!!!
On a normal Hokianga day, a father John and his two sons, Arama and Hohepa, were  fishing. They were fishing in the Hokianga Harbour. There were two taniwha. On the left there was the  taniwha, Arai-Te Uru in the huge cliff. On the right side there was Niniwa. Niniwa is a big sand-dune. If you look out to the sand-dune you can see that its big, golden colour. According to legend, in the middle of the two heads you will sometimes see choppy waves. That is the mouth of the harbour, and to get across you would have to say a special karakia.

“Dad the water looks delicious don’t you think? It is really really hot .  I’m dying to have a swim. Can we please go for a swim?” asked Arama using his cutest face. “The chances are higher if we all fish at the same time.” John replied So they put some more bait on their lines and kept fishing. After a few minutes dad had caught a fish but…something very strange started happening. As he was tugging at his fishing rod he had spotted the boat going backwards on the sea. Quickly,   he looked at his children and then looked back.  He glanced back and forward as he tried to think but it still didn’t come to his head…

There was one huge killer tsunami coming their way! While Arama and Hohepa  were in the middle of of having fun they heard thunder crashing and saw the big wave. "Hold on boys!!” yelled John. “Hurry, before you die like your mother did in the other tsunami when you boys  were 3” yelled dad with urgency. BRMMM!!! screamed the boat, it was on full steam and they still wouldn’t move “Dad, what is this?!” screamed the boys. “Pray to God, quick!!” rushed John. “Hi there God we would like you to wake up the two taniwha and tell them to bring us to shore and please stop the tsunami and save the lovely life we all have please, please, please.” prayed the two boys.  

Eventually they got closer to shore. With a huge rumble the taniwha coming together! There was a rumble and a crack and the cliff on the left and the sand dune on the right extended and came together. Arama and Hohepa couldn’t believe their eyes when the two taniwha came together. “Whoa, that was cool." They said as they looked in astonishment.

Just then it happened, the huge wave hit the taniwha cliffs. “That was lifesaving” the two boys said in astonishment. As it hit the closed heads the boys noticed they were moved out a bit further. “Can you see that?" said Arama to Hohepa. One big layer of wave still overflowed into the Hokianga harbour.

Then when the tidal wave flowed back out to sea, the two taniwha opened back up and went to where they were before.  Life turned back to normal again, until the next natural disaster...  

These students are so confident! I hope you enjoy the rap they learnt as part of their Literacy learning

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Michael wrote this to Room 5 on his last day.

Bye Room 5. I am  leaving tomorrow. I am moving to Auckland. This school is cool in as. Toko and the others this is the coolest school I have ever been to. The class looks cool you all look cool in your learning.  I wish I could still stay here in Tautoro cos it is cool up in Tautoro. From Michael

Monday, 26 May 2014

WALT use descriptive and/or figurative language in our recounts

By TeRangimarie Hulmes Year 5

One Friday in May, a group of policemen and policewomen came to our school. It was Youth Week! The whole school waiting for the games to begin. Room 5 was waiting on the deck. I could see that the policemen were setting up lots of activities on the field.

At last the whole school was split into groups. Room 2 and 4 were one group, Room 6 was one group, Room 3 was another group and Room 5 was one group. Our first activity was a ridiculous race.  Room 5 was split into two teams.  We had to  put on a policeman uniform.  When we put on the policemen gears we had to race the other team to the cone and back. It looked so funny.

When it was my turn I put on the pants.  It felt like my legs got lost in them. Next I put on the jacket . The policeman's jacket swallowed me. After that Konrad helped me, he chucked the hat on my head. The hat covered my eyes, it was like a hard beak. Konrad began cracking up at me, everyone had big smiles on their faces.  Just then I took off. I felt weird and  strange because I was trying to hold up the big, giant pants. I made it to the cone and turned around. Clap! Clap! “Run, TeRangimarie!” my group screamed.  As soon as I got back to my group I quickly took off the policeman uniform and ran to the back of the line and it was the next persons turn.   
That day was the very best day  I have ever had.  I hope we have another Youth Week and get to play fun games again.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 12.32.07 am.png

Youth Day By TeKaapua Cooper

One Friday a group of policemen and policewomen came to our school. All of room 5 were as quiet as a statue. We were waiting for our turn to find out what we were going to be doing.
Firstly we started on the field. We played the amazing race. You had to dress up in a ridiculous uniform and dash to the cone and back then quickly and tag your teammate.

Suddenly  it was my turn. My heart stopped for a moment, everyone screamed  “hurry hurry hurry” I rushed into the police clothes. Everyone shoved the police clothes on me. I almost fell over in laughter, it was funny. Konrad, Kohuru and Arama helped me to put the huge police clothes  on. Then I dashed as fast as an bullet bursting out of sniper gun” Boom!!! Off I went. it was like I was in a deep dark cave because I was lost inside the police 

  After that it was everyone else turn then it was over. All of room 5 struggled to get the huge police clothes on and everyone laughed and laughed for hours. It was exhausting.

It was an extraordinary  day because we showed tumaia kaha and manaakitanga. We showed this because we worked as a team. I think it was cool because I got to spend time  doing fun things for youth day.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Check out our Topic Tab to see scene 2 of our Earth Play


Koro: Hohepa
Nan: Alice
Tama: Anthony
Tamaiti: Konrad
Moko 3: Harmony
Moko 4: TeRangimarie

Post your comments here about what you liked about the play and how we can improve. We have one last scene to do.